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I love my Daddy's Greek Potato Pie.  My friend and I can't keep our eyes off of it.  We are excited to learn about the delicious and nutritious sweet potatoes that the pie is made with.  We will learn about all the food groups and how to stay healthy too. 

Making Daddy's Greek Potato Pie is fun and even though there are mishaps along the way, it turns out to be delicious, nutritious, and healthy.  

I love reading the book, baking the pie, and eating it.  Great can buy the book and the pie too!

     READ IT     BAKE IT     EAT IT  

Daddy's Greek Potato Pie tells the story of school-aged friends who help father create a delicious, and nutritious sweet potato pie from scratch.  Due to mishaps, throughout the story, as the pie is made, sweet potato pie turns into Daddy's Greek Potato Pie.  Throughout the story, as the pie is made, the boys go on a journey of self-discovery about nutrition, health, and everything from fiber to fats. 


Children love hearing the story because it's educational and includes some fun and silly moments.  

Everybody loves Daddy's Greek Potato Pie and mommy does too!


Best Kids
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Plate with Cake Crumbs

I love Daddy's Greek Potato Pie and mommy does too!

Daddy's Greek Potato Pie is made from scratch and prepared in a commercial kitchen with ingredients that won't raise blood sugar levels.