Daddy and Me

A great experience for dads and kids.  Great for uncles, brothers, and grand dads too.

Science and Technology Class

Homeschool with Friends

Although you may not be able together with friends.  Being social just got easier even when there is the distance between friends.  It will be fun and delicious

Daddy and Me . . .
Spending quality time with daddy is important.  Quality time between dad and kids builds children's self-esteem, strengthens family bonds, develops positive behaviors, encourages communication which can help with academic performance. In the Daddy and Me experience, young chefs make and bake Daddy's Greek Potato Pie in the comfort of home just like the characters in the book do. 
The Daddy and Me virtual experience is available online.
Connecting with other homeschoolers can be fun using the Daddy Greek Potato Pie experience.Using a step-by-step recipe, CC Minton will lead participants as they mix, mash, and have fun just like Alexa and Ava McClure did.  The hands-on experience teaches about science, math, weighing, measuring, and problem-solving using ingredients from all the food groups. The baking experience is based on the USDA's choose my plate. The virtual experience takes place from home.



Homeschool with Friends . . .